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Kaitlyn Maher Gifs ➾ Under the cut are 26 gifs of Kaitlyn Maher. All made by northhelps. There is no need to credit them but please do not claim as your own. A like or reblog would be appreciated if this was helpful to you.


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abeautifulrevenge asked: "Do you have a suggestion for a 10-13 years old Marina Ruy Barbosa? xx"

Well she did do work about that age but if you can’t any vids and stuff.

Looking at this picture I think she looks a lot like: Ellie Darcey-Alden

but if you don’t like her maybe look at this list or this list.

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mirandaalouise asked: "Do you have any suggestions for a mixed race girl, aged 3-4?"

It depends what ethnicities and looks you want.

Try this masterlist of mixed race girls.

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Elif’s Ava Ames Gifs
From Everything Has Changed Music Video. Gif count: 122


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My Jaden Rain Gifs Part 2

From Almost Human S01E02, Demo Reel, Hue: A Matter of Colour. Gif Count:  31


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My Jaden Rain Gifs Part 1

From Partition (2007). Gif Count: 49


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ellaandrews asked: "Do you need ny co-owners?"

Yes, that would be a great help.

If anyone wants to help out just message me and I’ll add you to the blog.

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jasmarie1900 asked: "Do you know if theirs a page for Adult Actor Gifs? Thanks :)"

Not like this blog I don’t think.

There are plenty of roleplay helpers and such though that collect gif hunts by request.

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jasmarie1900 asked: "Do you happen to have gifs of a girl around 11 with long brown hair, pale blue eyes, and kinda think eyebrows, that would like resemble Max Charles? Thanks :)"

Idkk about the eyebrows

  1. Abigail Breslin - Age 8-16, brown hair, blue eyes
  2. Christina Robinson - Age 8-16, brown hair, blue eyes
  3. Jodelle Ferland - Age 10-17, brown hair, blue eyes
  4. Kendall Vertes - Age 9-10, brown hair, blue eyes
  5. Maddie Ziegler - Age 8-9, brown hair, blue eyes
  6. Miley Cyrus - Age 7-11 (&), brown hair, blue eyes
  7. Mimi Kirkland - Age 7-9, brown hair, blue eyes
  8. Morgan Lily - Age 6-11, brown hair, blue eyes
  9. Noelle Wiggins - Age 6-8, brown hair, blue eyes
  10. Rachel Hurd-Wood - Age 12-18 (&), brown & ginger hair, blue eyes
  11. Raffey Cassidy - Age 8-11, brown hair, blue eyes
  12. Ryan Newman- Age 9-13, brown hair, blue eyes
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