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abigailonceapeasantgirl asked: "// Oh you do? I couldn't seem to find any would you mind giving the link? Sorry to bother :)"

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abigailonceapeasantgirl asked: "// I wondering if maybe you can make young Lindsey Lohan gifs? :)"

There are already some on this blog.

Are you asking for more? If so, from around what age or from what

briar-patch asked: "Younger ( 12ish ) Fc for Ginny Gardner?"

Idk if you wanted a blonde or brunette version as all her pics are blonde but I don’t think she is naturally.


  • Brooklynn Proulx
  • Elle Fanning
  • Peyton List

Try my masterlist or photo tags

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notateddybeardoctor asked: "{{ -- Hey, you had a Bertie Gilbert gifhunt up but now I can't find it. Did you delete it? }}"


He asked me to delete them so I did.

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Raphael Alejandro Gifs Part 1

From Almost Human S01E02. Gif Count: 36


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My Dylan Sprayberry Gifs Part 3

From Man of Steel. Gif Count: 20


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chokingonrosewater asked: "Hey, so I fully agree with your last ooc post, and just a suggestion - maybe making a list of child faceclaims by ethnicity would be helpful? Like the masterlists by ages. If you ever have time and inspiration to do so."

I already have done here:

It’s not up to date but it’s a good start and if I have the time I might re-do them.

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My Cesar Flores Gifs Part 2

From Dexter. Gif Count: 34


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