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up-percabeth asked: "do you have some gifs of Dylan Schmid or Emily Alyn Lind? :) x"


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fandomtake-over asked: "Do you take requests to make gifs? If not do you know someone who does?"

I do, I’ve just been really busy and shattered lately s I’ve been slacking.

Sorry i don’t know of anyone personally but you migt be able to find some in tags.

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elenaishuman asked: "Hello! I'm wondering if I can turn some of your gifs (the Nina Dobrev ones) into gif icons? Of course, you will receive full credit on the post and you're more than welcome to say no. I just thought I'd ask. (:"

Yeah, that;s fine :)

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Kaitlyn Maher Gifs


Kaitlyn Maher Gifs ➾ Under the cut are 26 gifs of Kaitlyn Maher. All made by northhelps. There is no need to credit them but please do not claim as your own. A like or reblog would be appreciated if this was helpful to you.


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abeautifulrevenge asked: "Do you have a suggestion for a 10-13 years old Marina Ruy Barbosa? xx"

Well she did do work about that age but if you can’t any vids and stuff.

Looking at this picture I think she looks a lot like: Ellie Darcey-Alden

but if you don’t like her maybe look at this list or this list.

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mirandaalouise asked: "Do you have any suggestions for a mixed race girl, aged 3-4?"

It depends what ethnicities and looks you want.

Try this masterlist of mixed race girls.

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Elif’s Ava Ames Gifs
From Everything Has Changed Music Video. Gif count: 122


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My Jaden Rain Gifs Part 2

From Almost Human S01E02, Demo Reel, Hue: A Matter of Colour. Gif Count:  31


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My Jaden Rain Gifs Part 1

From Partition (2007). Gif Count: 49


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