Child Actors

ellaandrews asked: "Do you need ny co-owners?"

Yes, that would be a great help.

If anyone wants to help out just message me and I’ll add you to the blog.

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jasmarie1900 asked: "Do you know if theirs a page for Adult Actor Gifs? Thanks :)"

Not like this blog I don’t think.

There are plenty of roleplay helpers and such though that collect gif hunts by request.

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jasmarie1900 asked: "Do you happen to have gifs of a girl around 11 with long brown hair, pale blue eyes, and kinda think eyebrows, that would like resemble Max Charles? Thanks :)"

Idkk about the eyebrows

  1. Abigail Breslin - Age 8-16, brown hair, blue eyes
  2. Christina Robinson - Age 8-16, brown hair, blue eyes
  3. Jodelle Ferland - Age 10-17, brown hair, blue eyes
  4. Kendall Vertes - Age 9-10, brown hair, blue eyes
  5. Maddie Ziegler - Age 8-9, brown hair, blue eyes
  6. Miley Cyrus - Age 7-11 (&), brown hair, blue eyes
  7. Mimi Kirkland - Age 7-9, brown hair, blue eyes
  8. Morgan Lily - Age 6-11, brown hair, blue eyes
  9. Noelle Wiggins - Age 6-8, brown hair, blue eyes
  10. Rachel Hurd-Wood - Age 12-18 (&), brown & ginger hair, blue eyes
  11. Raffey Cassidy - Age 8-11, brown hair, blue eyes
  12. Ryan Newman- Age 9-13, brown hair, blue eyes
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sastielinstilettos asked: "Yay you're back! Do you happen to have any fcs who could play a younger Samantha Barks (8-10 years)? Thank you so much!"

Sorry but it’s really hard to find a good young version of her. I can only give really vague matches.

  • Natalya Angel Wallace - plays a young version of her character in Les Mis but I don’t think she’s a very good match.
  • Kaitlyn Maher? - Nose is wrong
  • Ashlynn Sanchez
  • Larissa Vouloukos?
  • Princesstard (Avia Butler)?
  • Skylar Roberge?
  • Sophia Lucia?
  • Young Alexa Vega?
  • Alana Mansour?
  • Biana Tamimi?
  • Gracie Haschak?
  • young Jasmine Villegas?
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swiftlysteinfeld asked: "idea's for taylor swift's daughter? blonde hair blue eyes like under 10"
  1. Alyvia Alyn Lind - Age 4-6
  2. Baylie and Rylie Cregut  - Age 1-3
  3. Elle Fanning - Age 4-15
  4. Hattie - Age 0-1
  5. Isabel and Samantha Kahle - Age 1-2
  6. Mia Talerico - Age 0-5
  7. Naomi Postawa-Husar - Age 4-5
  8. Autumn Miller - Age 10
  9. Brooklynn Proulx - Age 7-11
  10. Chloe Greenfield - Age 6-9
  11. Dakota Fanning - Age 6-17 
  12. Elle Fanning - Age 4-15
  13. Jaycee Wilkins - Age 8-11
  14. Jennette McCurdy - Age 9-12
  15. Morgana Davies - Age 7-9
  16. Paige Hyland - Age 10-11
  17. Sasha Pieterse - Age 7-16
  18. Sierra McCormick - Age 9-15
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kahvebuhari asked: "Which program do you use to make your gifs?"

I have answered this before in my FAQ but the answer is still the same:

  1. Download the video I want to gif (Using the DownloadHelper plugin for Firefox or DVDVideoSoft's youtube download function or by searching on filestube)
  2. Edit the video into 1-2 second clips (Using Windows Movie Maker)
  3. Split those clips into 10 or 20 frames using DVDVideoSoft's video to jpeg function
  4. Then I use photoscape to make the gifs (You just click on the folder of pictures made from the clip you want and drag the pics into the bar and it plays itself. You can adjust it then save it) I usually use around 10-15 frames per gif depending on the size and quality.
  5. Then I edit them with Online Image Editor (Cutting off the black edges and sometimes re-sizing them so they are under 1mb, otherwise they won’t work on tumblr)
  6. Then I post them.

((If you use filestube to find the TV episode or film make sure you delete the once you get on the file otherwise you won’t be able to download it))

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truestreflection asked: "Yayyy! You're back! :-D I don't have a request (you've already giffed pretty much everything my fc is in) I just wanted to say thanks for all the gifs - they really come in handy. :-)"

Thanks :)

I’m not officially back I just took the week off work and finished everything I had to do so i had some time. I’m not sure if I’ll get to more gif-making any time soon but I’m gonna try my best.

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barnesjamesbarnes asked: "Welcome back (even if it is just for a little while). :) I'm looking for a girl 10-16 that could be a young Antje Traue, but with blond hair? I'm currently going with Alissa Skovbye because some features match up and the character has under gone facial reconstruction, but if there's a closer fit, I'd be grateful for aid."

I wouldn’t say that Alissa is blonde. A closer match would probably be her big sister Tiera Skovbye.

ok so a blonde-haired, blue-eyed aged 10-16 year old girl with a similar face shape to Antje Traue? I did my best:

Or check my masterlist? Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

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phantasmasxfallenxangel asked: "//Could you maybe tag the children that use sign language (BSL, ASL, etc)? It'd make things simpler for those who are looking for a FC that's deaf. :)"

Okay I think I’ve tagged everyone:

Also this is a list of all the D/deaf and Hard of Hearing children that I know of. Also a few hearing kids that play deaf kids are included because there aren’t very many.

If anyone can think of any that I can add just let me know

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thefairersalvatore asked: "I'm having trouble fining a little girl FC with curly brown hair (and blue eyes but not totally needed) Any help?"

idk how young and how curly you wanted so:

  • Mimi Kirkland
  • Josie and Lucy Gallina 
  • Mackenzie Ziegler 
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