Child Actors

Do you have any gifs of…?

NO. No I do not.

If I have gifs on someone I have posted them. If you’d like me to make gifs of someone ask politely.

I don’t have a hoarde of gifs hidden in a safe never to be posted. Stop asking.

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Who could play a baby of….?

There are very few babies and as their features are not very defined at that age most are very interchangable and some you can’t even tell if they are male or female so I will always recommend the only babies that I have on this blog:


No Gifs on this blog


No Gifs on this blog

Boys Under Age 2 - Girls Under Age 2 

Please don’t ask this question again as I will ignore it. If you know of another baby you think I could add to this list just let me know.

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witchofmanynames asked: "I was wondering if you could explain to me how you got your photo tag to work. I want to do something similar to it only with the things I've liveblogged."

There’s an explanation for that here.

but if you’d like to explain the exact problem I could give you more detailed help?


I just uploaded the photos one after the other with the ‘+ upload photo’ button then clink on each of the photos individually so they are highlighted blue and click the link symbol to add a link.

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rosesandteardroppianos-deactiva asked: "I have an actual question for you. How do you get the videos to make your gifs? I have her official website and am trying to get the video. what program do you use?"

There are two programs I use to get videos from sites other than youtube. One is RealDownloader, which is the best but I can only use it on internet explorer now for some reason. The other is a firefox pugin called DownloadHelper 4.9.13, but you may need to convert the videos into a different format once they are downloaded.

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Anonymous asked: "I don't see 'Save Movie' or 'For Computer' on Windows Movie Maker, could you please tell me where it is? c:"

Ok. The tabs at the top go (Weird SquareSymbol), Home, Animation, etc

Click the weird square symbol. A drop menu should show up. Showing: New Project, open project, etc. When you hover over the ‘Save Movie’ button an extra side menu shows up with has ‘For Computer’ on it.

Hope that helped.

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Anonymous asked: "Can an RPG directly link this blog onto their page to show their members where to get FC gifs?"

Yes, of course. I’ve seen some roleplays do it already when they use kids from my blog as FCs

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Anonymous asked: "I was thinking about making a Tumblr somewhat like this. you know where they make gifs for people? But I have a few questions before I decide. 1) How do you get people to send in requests. 2) How do you organize the gifs, like you have them? and 3) how do you make your gifs so clear? Thanks for your time."

1) To start with I just made lists of people needed in the rp I was a part of and people I liked. I made it clear I was open for requests and I just got more and more as I made more lists. You could try posting the the ‘rph’ tags or just start by making gifs of people you want to (Maybe popular FCs?) and soon you’ll get more attention.

2) I don’t understand your question. If you mean the tags on my sidebar then: I just put them in alphabetical order and each time I add a new person i add them to the lists. I explain how I did the photo tags here.

3) I explain how I make my gifs here and more detailed steps are in my FAQ. The main thing is using high quality videos.

I learnt everything just by trying it and adding things as I needed to and such so once you start you’ll figure it out. Good luck :)

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Anonymous asked: "Do you need help with this blog at all? I think I can made gifs pretty quickly."

Yes, I’m always accepting co-admins, especially for making gifs. Just message me off anon (and preferably link me to gifs you have made) and I’ll add you or just submit your gifs to me.

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Anonymous asked: "after saving the clips you want in windows movie maker how do you change it to .avi (or whatever else) because when i save it it turns into .wlmp and it won't let me do the video to jpeg thing."

You’re clicking ‘save project as’ which saves it as a Movie Maker project for future editing purposes.

You need to choose ‘Save Movie’ Then ‘For Computer’ Then it will make the file WMV

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Anonymous asked: "how do you split the clip in Windows Movie Maker? (last question and i'm so sorry, but your the only person who's helping me)"

You know you could come off anon so I can try to explain better. Um…

See the tabs at the top? ‘home’ ‘Animations’, etc. Click on ‘Edit’ Then click on the video where you want to cut it (Use the arrows under the video to jump back and forth to find the right spot) There will be a vertical line across it. Then click ‘Split’ Then just delete the bits you don’t want to use. Make sense?

(‘Set start point’ deletes everything in front of your line and ‘set end point’ deletes everything after your line.)

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